Elektrinis dažymo aparatas 650w YATO

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    Kodas: YT-82560
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  • Elektrinis dažymo aparatas 650w YATO

    Techniniai parametrai:

    • Maitinimas - 230 V
    • Galingumas - 650 W
    • Našumas - 1,1L/min
    • Max.slėgis - 207 bar
    • Žarnos ilgis - 7,5 m

    Product description
    Hydrodynamic painting unit with power 650W and pressure 207 Bar. It has the function of adjusting the spray jet in the 250-310mm range. The unit is equipped with a hose with a length of 7.5 meters, thanks to which the tool has a large scope of work, which significantly improves the comfort of work. The device has a pump that draws paint from any dispenser. Designed for painting large surfaces of walls and ceilings. Suitable for latex, acrylic paints, emulsions, enamels, etc.

    fast, efficient and even coverage from the first layer
    10-15% less paint consumption compared to compressed air technologies
    regulation of the shower stream in the range of 250-310 mm by means of a knob
    equipped with a pump that draws paint from any tank
    the ability to spray vertically and horizontally
    lasting effect - the aggregate hardly penetrates the paint particles into the wall structure, without causing the coats to be typical of synthetic scouring rollers
    easy operation and maintenance
    in the set: paint spray gun and 7.5 m hose to connect
    Technical data
    Index number YT-82560
    Brand Yato
    Power [W] 650
    Flow max [l / min] 1.1
    Paint Application